Sewage Treatment

Sewage is a word normally associated with municipal or human-generated wastewater. Orient Water Technologies sewage treatment plants cater for a wide spectrum of applications requiring aerobic, anaerobic or anoxic treatment processes. Within the past few years, the subject of advanced sewage treatment has become greatly expanded, especially with respoect to removal of nitrogen and phophorous.

Municipal Sewage Treatment Plants

Orient Water Technologies has implemented dozens of municipal scale sewage treatments. These plants are comprised of all or part of the following components: Raw Sewage Pumping Stations Degritters; Screens; Flow Measurement; Primary Clarifiers; Aerobic Basins; Anaerobic Basins; Secondary Clarifiers; Tertiary Treatment; Sludge Digestors; Sludge Dewatering Systems; Instrumentation and PLC Control; MCC and Switch-Gear. More advanced treatment plants have incorporated the use of membrane bioreactors(MBR)

Package Sewage Treatment Plants

Orient Water Technologies range of package treatment plants are either rectangular factory-built sectional-steel units or circular site-assembled glass-lined steel tanks. Aerobic treatment through extended aeration or contact stabilization use blower-diffuser aeration, mechanical surface aerators or rotating biological contactors. This range of Orient Water Technologies plants is built to cater for smaller communities not connected to a central municipal sewage treatment plant, temporary construction facilities, hotels and resorts, commercial ships, hospitals and schools.