Water Desalination by Reverse Osmosis

The use of brackish and seawater sources is the natural choice for areas lacking adequate freshwater supplies. Desalination of these waters can only be achieved by one of a few processes, some preferred for brackish water while others for seawater. One of the factors that make reverse osmosis very popular is its economy of use for both brackish and seawater applications.

Municipal Water Supply

Orient Water Technologies undertakes major brackish and seawater desalination contracts either on mechanical and electrical supply and supervision basis or on turnkey basis. Whether from a brackish water source or from a seawater source, Orient Water Technologies engineers can assume total responsibility for a design and construction of a desalination plant covering: intake from sea or brackish water source; pre-treatment; RO desalination racks; post-treatment; instrumentation and PLC control; MCC, storage and pressurization for distribution.

Brach Resorts and Hotels

Orient Water Technologies produces a range of standard brackish and seawater desalination plants that are quite popular with permanent camp sites, oil drilling sites, beach resorts and hotels. Standard features are quiet comprehensive; however, options are available to suit client’s specific needs.

Mobile Camps and Contracting Facilities

Orient Water Technologies custom-built RO desalination plants built within purpose-designed container housing (s). These plants are completely factory installed and wired for immediate hook-up to water and power source (containerized power generator is optional). Exterior design and dimensions of the housings are made to fit standard trailers and highway codes.

Offshore Platforms

Orient Water Technologies has mastered the production of smaller desalination plants that fit into tight spaces. Specially designed packages are manufactured with harsh open-air sea environment in mind. These packages combine pre-treatment, desalination and post -treatment and are typically suitable for offshore, oil drilling platforms where space is scarce and trouble-free operation cannot be compromised.